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Allancastria cretica (Rebel, 1904)

Vazrick Nazari and Frédéric Carbonell
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Containing group: Allancastria


Koçak (1981) subjectively gave a species rank to A. cretica. The argument for such an arrangement was presented only much later by Carbonell (1996) who studied the life history and genitalia of A. cretica and its taxonomic relationship with other species of Allancastria. Hürter (2001) described inter-specific hybrids with A. cerisy.  Also see Pamparis (1997). No subspecies are recognized.

Geographical Distribution

Allancastria cretica is endemic to the island of Kriti (Crete) (Type locality) in Greece (Carbonell, 1996; Pamparis, 1997).

Larval Food Plant

Two species of Aristolochia are used by larvae in Crete: Aristolochia cretica and Aristolochia sempervirens (Carbonell, 1996; Dennis, 1996). The larva tolerates two other species in captivity: A. pistolochia and A. longa (Carbonell, 1996).


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Scientific Name Allancastria cretica
Specimen Condition Live Specimen
Sex Male
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Allancastria cretica

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