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Aphnaeinae Distant 1884

Andrew V. Z. Brower
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Containing group: Lycaenidae


The list of included genera is based on Eliot (1973) with updates from Ackery et al. (1995). Eliot placed all genera in the Aphnaeus section except for Pseudaletis. The majority of species in this group are African, although some members of Apharitis and Spindasis extend to the Oriental region.


Eliot (1973) placed this taxon as a subordinate group within his Theclinae. In Corbet et al. (1992), he reduced Theclinae, Polyommatinae and Lycaeninae to tribes, and elevated Aphnaeini to a distinct tribe outside of Theclini within a more inclusive Lycaeninae, based on differences in larval morphology relative to the other lycaenine "tribes." According to R. K. Robbins (pers. comm.), Eliot's reduction in rank of these clades has not been accepted by most lycaenid researchers, because it limits the potential to further subdivide some of the extremely diverse contained clades, such as Eumaeini. Therefore, these four taxa are here ranked as subfamilies.


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Scientific Name Spindasis syama
Location Taiwan
Specimen Condition Live Specimen
Source 三星雙尾燕蝶 Spindasis syama ( Horsfield, 1829)
Source Collection Flickr
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