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Colobura annulata Willmott, Constantino and Hall 2001

Niklas Wahlberg
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Colobura annulata was recently described by Willmott et al. (2001). The species was not distinguished earlier from C. dirce mainly because the adults are very similar to one another. The biology and early stages of C. annulata are however rather different from C. dirce. Females lay their eggs in large clusters of up to 70 eggs, and the larvae are highly gregarious. Larvae are found in the foliage of the host plant tree Cecropia, and pupae resemble dead twigs. Colobura annulata is found in Central and South America south to Brazilian Amazonia. It is found in a variety of forest and secondary habitats from sea level to at least 1300 m.


Colobura annulata is best distinguished from C. dirce by its larvae, which have a distinct yellow ring around the body and which are highly gregarious. Adults can be distinguished by the third submarginal band of the underside of the forewing, which does not taper towards the costa.


Willmott, K. R., L. M. Constantino, and J. P. W. Hall. 2001. A review of Colobura (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) with comments on larval and adult ecology and description of a sibling species. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 94:185-196.

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Colobura annulata

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