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Luehdorfia puziloi Erschoff, 1872

Vazrick Nazari
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Containing group: Luehdorfia


The life history of L. puziloi has been illustrated by Shirozu and Hara (1973) and Nardelli (1993). Biochemical and biological aspects of the life history of L. puziloi have been the subject of a number of studies by Matsumoto (1984-1990), Matsumoto et al. (1993), and Tsubaki and Matsumoto (1998). Hybrids between L. japonica and L. puziloi have been reported (Hara and Ochiai, 1980). There has been some controversy about the authorship of the ssp. linjiangensis; details are reported under L. taibai.

Geographical Distribution

Northern China, southeast Russia, North- and South Korea, Japan (Shirozu and Hara, 1973).

Geographical Variation

At least seven subspecies are recognized within L. puziloi. According to Fujioka (2003), the nominal subspecies, L. p. puziloi Erschoff, 1872 (Type locality: Ussuri region) is confined to southeast Russia, together with L. p. machimuraorum Fujioka, 2003 (Type locality: Russia: Okhotniki, upper Bikin River). According to Bryk (1934), two subspecies, L. p. yessoensis Rothschild, 1918 (Type locality: Hakodate Yezzo, Japan) and L. p. inexpecta Sheljuzhko, 1913 (Type locality: Sendai, Japan) are known from Japan, and the populations on the Korean peninsula belong to L. p. coreana Matsumura, 1919 (Type locality: Kaishu, Korea). In China, two subspecies are known: L. p. linjangensis Lee, 1982 (Type locality: China) and L. p. lenzeni Bryk, 1938 (Type locality unknown) (Savela, 2005).

Larval Food Plant

The larvae of L. puziloi feed on Asarum sieboldii (Chunsheng, 2001) as well as some species of Asiasarum (Makita et al., 2000).


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Title Illustrations
Click on an image to view larger version & data in a new window
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Scientific Name Luehdorfia puziloi
Location Japan
Specimen Condition Live Specimen
Identified By Mochimitsu Kobayashi
Behavior Resting
Copyright © 2006 Mochimitsu Kobayashi
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