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Plesioglymmius (Juxtaglymmius)

Ross T. Bell
Containing group: Plesioglymmius


Juxtaglymmius is a subgenus with two known species from Java and the Malay Peninsula.


Antennal segment XI is longer than wide and pointed, and the apical tubercle is vestigial or absent. The clypeal setae are absent. The median lobe of the head is separated from the clypeus by the antennal lobes. The antennal bases are very close together, and the antennal lobes either meet in midline or else they are separated by less than 0.5 the width of the basal condyle of the basal segment of the antenna. The median lobe is small, narrow, elongate or oval, and strongly convex. The medial angles of the temporal lobes are obtuse and narrowly separated at midline. The margins are oblique from the medial angles to the posterior angles. The orbital groove and the temporal setae are absent. The temporal lobe forms a long overhang in lateral view and is separated from the suborbital tubercle by a deep notch. The posterior margin of the eye is clearly anterior to the middle of the temporal lobe.

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Plesioglymmius (Juxtaglymmius) jugatus. (A) Dorsal aspect of head and pronotum. (B) Lateral aspect of head. (C) Anterior aspect of head (diagrammatic) with basal antennal segments.
Modified from Bell and Bell (1979). Copyright © 1979 Ross T. Bell and Joyce R. Bell.

The paramedian groove is varied in form and limited to the posterior two thirds of the pronotum. The elytral base is without a tooth opposite the base of interval I. The striae are shallow and faintly punctured. The abdominal sterna III-V each have one transverse row of punctures.


Bell, R. T. and J. R. Bell. 1979. Rhysodini of the World part II. Revisions of the smaller genera (Coleoptera: Carabidae or Rhysodidae). Quaestiones Entomologicae 15: 377-446.

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Plesioglymmius (Juxtaglymmius)

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