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Pyxidicula Ehrenberg 1838

Ralf Meisterfeld and Edward Mitchell
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Containing group: Arcellidae


Eight species, type species: Pyxidicula operculata (Agardh, 1827) Ehrenberg, 1838. Refs: Penard (1902), Doflein (1916), Ogden (1987a).


Shell hemispherical, bowl-shaped, the aperture is almost as wide as the diameter of the shell, apertural rim usually recurved outside. Shell wall areolate, composed of organic, hollow building units, which in older, brown specimens become filled with inorganic material like manganese. One vesicular nucleus. During mitosis the nuclear membrane and the nucleolus remain intact with an intranuclear spindle apparatus (closed orthomitosis). One contractile vacuole. Feeding: algae, bacteria.

Habitat: freshwater plants.


Doflein, F. 1916. Studien zur Naturgeschichte der Protozoen. VIII. Pyxidicula operculata (Agardh). Zool. Jb., 39:585-647.

Penard, E. 1902. Faune rhizopodique du Bassin de Léman. Kündig, Genève.

Ogden, C. G. 1987a. The fine structure of the shell of Pyxidicula operculata, an aquatic testate amoeba (Rhizopoda). Arch. Protistenk., 133:157-164.

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Scientific Name Pyxidicula operculata
Identified By Ralf Meisterfeld
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