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Containing group: Opomyzoidea

Other Names for Xenasteia


Hardy, D. E. 1980. Xenasteiidae, a new family of Schizophora (Diptera) from the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Proc. Hawaii. Ent. Soc. 23:205-225.

McAlpine, D. K. 1998. 83. Xenasteiidae. In P. Oosterbroek: The families of Diptera of the Malay Archipelago. Brill: Boston. p. 127.

Papp, L. 1980. New taxa of the acalyptrate flies (Diptera: Tunisimyiidae fam. n., Risidae, Ephydridae: Nannodastiinae subfam. n.). Acta Zool. Acad. Sci Hung. 26:415-431.

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