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Xenomigia Warren 1906 TS = Xenomigia veninotata

James S. Miller and Andrew V. Z. Brower
Containing group: Dioptini


Superficially resembling geometrids, members of Xenomigia may be recognized as dioptines by their metathoracic tympanal organs (Geometridae have their tymapanal organs on the first abdominal segment). The crepuscular genus is distributed in the Andes from Venezuela to Ecuador. Miller (2009) notes that at least 20 additional species remain to be described, and estimates that the genus may eventually comprise 50 or 60 species. Recorded life histories are from the cloud forest bamboo, Chusquea (Poaceae). X. brachyptera is the first known notodontid with flightless males and females.


Broad, geometrid-like wings with brownish stripes and spots on the forewings. Among the diagnostic features Miller (2009) lists are the following. Labial palpi variable, eyes bulging, male antennae quadripectinate, male forewing stridulatory organ weakly developed.

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Miller, JS. 2009. Generic revision of the Dioptinae (Lepidoptera: Noctuoidea: Notodontidae). Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 321, 1-971 + 48 plates.

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