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kalapani (Marpissa)
kamchik (Chalcoscirtus)
kankanensis (Heliophanus)
karakumensis (Sitticus)
karakurt (Chalcoscirtus)
kashmiricus (Heliophanus)
kastoni * (Pelegrina)
kaszabi (Pseudicius)
kawini * (Habronattus americanus group)
kenyaensis (Heliophanus)
kessleri (Frigga)
keyserlingi (Eustiromastix)
khandalaensis (Rhene)
khirghisicus (Chalcoscirtus)
kiboschensis (Myrmarachne)
kilifi (Myrmarachne)
kilimanjaroensis (Heliophanus)
kiplingi (Bagheera)
kitale (Myrmarachne)
kittenbergeri (Euophrys)
kjellerupi (Hasarius)
Klamathia (Euophryinae)
klauserii * (Habronattus coecatus group)
kochi (Evarcha)
kochi (Heliophanus)
kochi (Menemerus)
kochi (Myrmarachne)
kondarensis (Plexippus)
koreanus (Pseudicius)
koreanus (Salticus)
kulabicus (Pellenes)
kulczynskii (Euophrys)
kulczynskii (Hasarius)
kulczynskii (Pseudicius)
kuroiwana (Myrmarachne)
kuwagata (Myrmarachne)
kweilinensis (Habrocestum)

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