Opisthoteuthis philipii: Description Continued

Richard E. Young and Michael Vecchione
  1. Eyes
    1. "Somewhat conspicuous."

  2. Funnel
    1. Long (65 mm) and slender.
    2. Funnel organ with inverted V-shaped pad apparently formed by the fusion of two oval pads.
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      Figure. Cut-away view of the funnel showing the funnel organ of O. philipii. Drawing from Oommen (1976).

  3. Fins
    1. Small, width approximately equals length.
    2. Anterior lobes absent.

  4. Gills
    1. 4 primary filaments in each demibranch.

  5. Shell
    1. "U-shaped."
    2. Extremities of limbs highly pointed.
    3. Shell with flat outer contour and convex inner contour in angular region.
    4. Outer flat surface with very shallow groove.
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      Figure. Outline view of the shell of O. philipii.. Drawing from Oommen (1976).

  6. Pigmentation
    1. Aboral surfaces purple in life but flesh-colored in preservation.
    2. Oral surfaces dark brown in life, darker in preservation.
    3. Very few areolar spots scattered on body surface.

  7. Measurements of holotype
    • Total length - 470 mm.
    • Width of body across eyes - 182 mm.
    • Dorsal mantle length - 140 mm.
    • Total width (armtip to armtip) - 675 mm.
    • Lengths, right arm I, left arm I - 319, 320 mm.
    • Lengths, right arm II, left arm II - 300, 315 mm.
    • Lengths, right arm III, left arm III - 280, 295 mm.
    • Lengths, right arm IV, left arm IV - 254, 285 mm.
    • Lengths, right fin, left fin - 38, 39 mm.
    • Widths, right fin, left fin - 34, 35 mm.


Oommen, V.P. 1976. A New Species of the Genus Opisthoteuthis Verrill, 1883 (Cephalopoda: Mollusca) from the Southwest Coast of India. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 18(2):368-374.

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Opisthoteuthis philipii

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