Opisthoteuthis hardyi: Measurements and Counts

Roger Villanueva, Richard E. Young, and Michael Vecchione
Sex Male holotype
Mantle length, mm 45
Total length, mm 250
Mantle width, % of ML 98
Head width, % of ML 140
Max. cirrus length, % of head width 9.1
Fin length, % of head width -
Fin width, % of fin length -
Fin span, % of total length -
Eye diameter, % of ML 38
Terminal organ (penis) length, % of ML -
Gill lamellae, number 7
Arm I, length, % of ML 456
Arm II, length, % of ML 422
Arm III, length, % of ML 433
Arm IV, length, % of ML 478
Arm I, width, % of ML 48
Arm II, width, % of ML 34
Arm III, width, % of ML 30
Arm IV, width, % of ML 33
Max. sucker diam, Arm I, prox., % of ML 15.3
Max. sucker diam, Arm II, prox., % of ML 16.2
Max. sucker diam, Arm III, prox., % of ML 16.2
Max. sucker diam, Arm IV, prox., % of ML 16
Max. sucker diam, Arm I, dist., % of ML 13.8
Max. sucker diam, Arm II, dist., % of ML 15.8
Max. sucker diam, Arm III, dist., % of ML 14.2
Max. sucker diam, Arm IV, dist., % of ML 14.2
Sucker count, arm I 60
Sucker count, arm II 64
Sucker count, arm III 67
Sucker count, arm IV 64


These measurements and counts are from Villanueva, et al., 2002. Many of the figures have been rounded to the nearest whole number.


Villanueva, R., Collins, M., Sanchez, P. and N. Voss. 2002. Systematics, distribution and biology of the cirrate octopods of the genus Opisthoteuthis (Mollusca, Cephalopoda) in the Atlantic Ocean, with description of two new species. Bulletin of Marine Science 71(2):933-985.

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Opisthoteuthis hardyi

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