Taxa Associated with the Family Spirulidae Owen, 1836

Michael J. Sweeney and Richard E. Young

(data as of June 2002)

Nominal Genus-Level Taxa

Lituina Link, 1806:84.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Spirula Lamarck, 1799 [fide Hoyle (1910:410)]
TYPE SPECIES. -- Nautilus spirula Linne, 1758 by monotypy

Spirula Lamarck, 1799:80.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid genus [fide Nesis (1987:92)]
TYPE SPECIES. -- Nautilus spirula Linne, 1758 by monotypy

Spirularius Dumeril, 1806:157.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Spirula Lamarck, 1799 [fide Unresolved]
TYPE SPECIES. -- New name for Spirula Lamarck

Nominal Species-Level Taxa (As Introduced Binomial)

Spirula peronii atlantica [forma] Girard, 1890:250.

TYPE LOCALITY. -- Algarve (Portugal); Azores; etc.

Spirula australis Lamarck, 1816:pl 465 fig 5a,b.

TYPE REPOSITORY. -- Unresolved; MHNG? Syntypes (1 male, 2 females) [fide Lonnberg (1896:100)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- Not designated

Spirula blakei Lonnberg, 1896:100.

TYPE REPOSITORY. -- Unresolved
TYPE LOCALITY. -- West Indies

Spirula fragilis Lamarck, 1801:102.

Nomen nudum.

Spirula peronii indopacifica [forma] Girard, 1890:250.

TYPE LOCALITY. -- New Caledonia; Indian Ocean; etc.

Spirula peronii Lamarck, 1822 In 1815-1822:601.

TYPE REPOSITORY. -- Unresolved; not at MNHN or MHNG [fide Lu et al. (1995:308)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- “l’Ocean austral et celui des Moluques”

Spirula prototypus Lesueur and Petit, 1807:pl 30 fig. 4.

TYPE REPOSITORY. -- MNHN Type; specimen not extant [fide Lu et al. (1995:323)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- Not designated

Spirula reticulata Owen, 1848:14, pl. 4 figs 3, 9.

TYPE REPOSITORY. -- Unresolved; BMNH? Holotype [not traced by Lipinski et al. (2000)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- Off Timor [fide Lonnberg (1896:99)]

Loligo spiralis D'Orbigny, 1826:153.

Nomen nudum.

Nautilus spirula Linne, 1758:710.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid species; Spirula spirula [fide Bruun (1943:3)]
TYPE REPOSITORY. -- Unresolved; LS?
TYPE LOCALITY. -- “America”

Type Repositories

BMNH- The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD, England (formerly British Museum (Natural History)).† [For type catalog see Lipinski et al. (2000)]

LS- Linnean Society of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1V 0LQ, England.† [For type catalogs see Dodge (1953, 1959)]

MB- Museu Nacional de Historia Natural, 58 Rua da Escola Politecnica, 1200 Lisboa, Portugal.

MHNG- Museum d’Histoire Naturelle, Case Postale 284, CH-1211, Geneve 6, Switzerland. [For list of collections see Mermod (1950)]

MNHN- Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Laboratoire Biologie Invertebres Marins et Malacologie, 55, rue de Buffon, 75005 Paris 05, France. [For type catalog see Lu et al. (1995)]


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