Gonatus pyros: Description continued

Tsunemi Kubodera, F. G. Hochberg, and Richard E. Young
  1. Arms
    1. Arm formula: II=III=IV>I
    2. Arms II-IV ca. 60-70% of GL in squid larger than 35 mm GL.
    3. Armature in four series: arms I-III with 2 medial series of hooks (replaced by suckers at arm tips) and 2 marginal series of suckers; arm IV with suckers only.
    4. All arm suckers with similar dentition: Ca. 6-9 pointed teeth distally grading to smooth region proximally.
    5. Suckers of marginal suckers of arms III largest, followed by medial series of arms IV, then the marginal suckers of arms IV.
      Click on an image to view larger version & data in a new window
      Click on an image to view larger version & data in a new window

      Figure. Side and oral views of arm armature of G. pyros 39 mm GL. Left - Large hook and inner ring of a large marginal sucker of arm III. Right - Inner ring of large medial series sucker (left) and of large marginal sucker (right) of arm IV. Drawings from Young (1972).

  2. Tentacles
    1. Primary locking-apparatus with 4-6 thick ridges, each with medial sucker and alternating knobs. Locking apparatus separated proximally from suckers and knobs of tentacular stalk by large gap.
    2. Largest suckers of ventral-marginal series with 9-10 teeth on distal 2/3 of inner ring; teeth are more broadly spaced than teeth on arm suckers. These suckers about same size as largest arm III suckers.
    3. Click on an image to view larger version & data in a new window
      Click on an image to view larger version & data in a new window

      Figure. Side and oral views of club armature of G. pyros 39 mm GL. A - Inner ring of largest sucker of ventral marginal zone. B - Inner ring of sucker from the middle of the dactylus, ventral series. C - Inner ring of a sucker taken one-fifth of the tentacle length from the base of the club. D - Central hook.  E - Distal hook. F - First proximal hook. Drawings from Young (1972).

    4. Dorsal margin of tentacular stalk with series of alternating suckers and pads along about 3/4ths of stalk length; distal few suckers each with additional small, thick ridge. Ridges are more prominent in this species than in the other California species.
    5. Ventral margin of tentacular stalk with single series of suckers about half of stalk length. Number of suckers in ventral series ca. 80-110% of those in dorsal series.
  3. Measurements and counts
    Character/Station no.  7415  7415  7389  7412
    8031  8028 
    Sex  -  -  -  -  -  -
    Gladius length
     35  38  40  39  42  31
    Mantle width
     10  10  12  10  11  9
    Fin Length  15  15  17  14  -  12
    Fin width  25  29  29  27  30  21
    Arm length, I
     19  20  24  22  23  15
    Arm Length, II  23  25  27  27  27  17
    Arm Length, III  22  24  27  26  26  18
    Arm Length, IV
     23  23  26  24  25  18
    1/2 Arm I, sucker count*
     31  29  30  29  30  27
    Arm II, sucker count*  35  31  33  32  34  33
    Arm III, sucker count*  34  31  31  30  34  31
    Arm IV, sucker count*  41  38  38  38  38  33
    Tentacle length  43  44  45  43  67  24
    Club length  8  8  10  -  10  7
    Club sucker count
     170  180  181  168  174  180
    Stalk sucker count (SSC), dorsal series  86  78  84  73  82  66
    SSC, ventral series
     74  68  72  68  85  56
    SSC, medial region  104  67  57  85  91  70
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