Gonatus ursabrunae: Description continued

F. G. Hochberg and Richard E. Young
  1. Arms
    1. Arm formula: III>=II>I>=IV.
    2. Longest arms 42-56% ML.
    3. Medial arm suckers with ca. 9 long, slender blunt teeth on distal margin of inner ring.

  2. Tentacles
    1. Tentacular clubs short (13-25% ML).

  3. Fins
    1. Fins small (length 26-50% ML).

  4. Viscera
    1. Spindle-shaped digestive gland present.

  5. Measurements and counts
Character/Index no.  Cal. Acad. Sci.
701  816326
Sex  -  -
Mantle length
24 20  19  18  17 
Mantle width
Fin Length
Fin width 11  10  10 
Head width 
Eye diameter  3.5 
Arm length, I
                II 10 
                III 10  10 
Half arm I, count*
18  23   
      arm II 25 19   
      arm III 22 20   
      arm IV 30  27   
Tentacle length 19  12  12  12 
Club length
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Gonatus ursabrunae

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