Discoteuthis discus: Description of the lower beak

Richard E. Young

About anaglyph 3D: Photographs here are in 3D, using anaglyph techniques which combines two photographs one in red and the other in cyan (blue + green) color. To get the 3D effect, you must use glasses with red and cyan lenses (filters) over your regular glasses. The form of the beak is far easier to interpret in 3D and we strongly recommend to the viewer that the glasses be obtained (this is especially helpful when viewing enlarged images - i.e. click on the image). These beak photographs were made using Red and Cyan Anachrome Aviator Glasses (see: or which cost under $10.00 (USD).

About D. discus: To be added.


   D. discus, holotype, 53 mm ML, 3 mm LRL, eastern
tropical Atlantic at 03°50'N, 02°37'W. Photographs
by R. Young.
D. discus, immature female, 72 mm ML, 5.1 mm
LRL, NMFS, North Pacific at 44°49"N, 174°30'W.
Photographs by R. Young.

D. discus, mature male, 107 mm ML, 6.9 mm LRL, NMFS,
North Pacific at 43°12'N, 179°32'W. Photographs by R. Young. 














oblique view


Description of the upper beak can be found here. 

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