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Claudia Venegas

1996: Veterinarian Univ de Chile/2000: PhD Applied Biological Science, Hiroshima University/ 2000-2002: Staff research Associate Univ of Chile/ 2002: Japan Society for Promotion of Science fellowship (October 2002)Hokkaido Univ (adviser Dr M. Yoshimizu) 2003: On Field Work Salmonid Aquaculture 2004-present: Academic Secretariat-Assistant prof. School of Veternary Medicine, Universidad Andres Bello 2004:Royal Society Fellowship, Feb 2004, CEFAS, UK (Adviser Dr SW Feist) Research field: Pathogen agents and diseases in crustaceans (Penaeids and parastacids-native and exotic to Chile)

Contributor Type: Other Scientist
Institution: Universidad Andrés Bello
Groups of Interest: Samastacus
Subject Areas of Interest: Ecology, DNA/proteins, pathology/viral diseases
Geographic Areas of Interest: Northern Chile (penaeids) Southern Chile (parastacids, salmonids)
Contributor ID: 2384

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