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Jason Mate

MSc Imperial College 1998: Tribal relationships within the Aphodiinae and some problems in the genus Aphodius PhD Imperrial College 2003: Radiation and Diversification in the genus Aphodius 2003-Present: self employed Current projects: Working on Aphodiinae alpha-taxonomy (revision of Ataenius of Africa; Chinese Aphodiini) and molecular phylogenetics of the subfamily and Aphodius s.l. Coprophagous fauna of Hong Kong Hygropetric habitats in southern China Cercyon in southern China

Contributor Type: Other Scientist
Institution: Private
Groups of Interest: Torridincolidae and Aphodiinae
Subject Areas of Interest: Biogeography, Phylogenetics, DNA/proteins, Taxonomy
Geographic Areas of Interest: Palearctic and Ethiopian
Contributor ID: 4794

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