Phylogeography - Why are we here and how did we get here?

Now that you have taken an historical dive into the world of phylogeography, you should be well equiped to apply what you have learned during this WebQuest to other living organisms! There are many organisms still available in the Tree of Life database that have not yet been covered; perhaps you  have been inspired to create your own Treehouse investigation about an organism that you encountered along the way.

As a final task, take the phylogeography quiz! 

  1. What was significant about the Eocene Epoch?
  2. Coral reefs are important for three unique reasons. Name them.
  3. What are two possible explanations for the diversification of chameleons?
  4. Who was responsible for bringing many flowers to the west from China and which flower is he/she most known for?
  5. Define 'speciation'.
  6. What is significant about China with respect to the preservation of ancient fauna?
  7. When was the first bird presumably discovered, and from which organisms are birds thought to have descended?  



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