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Location Box Canyon, Santa Rita Mountains, Arizona

ToL podcasts are developed as part of the project "New Strategies for Life Sciences Outreach in Arizona: Developing a Digital Library of Audio and Video Features in the Context of the Tree of Life Web Project" funded by the “Anyplace Access for Arizonans” Initiative under the University of Arizona Technology and Research Initiative Fund.

Thanks to University of Arizona PhD students in the Interdisciplinary Program in Insect Science and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB): Michelle Lanan (videographer)
Alex Swanson
Joe Deas
Mary Jane Epps
Professory Goggy Davidowitz PhD, EEB
Professor David Maddison PhD, Entomology
Video editing: Lisa Schwartz, ToL Learning Materials Editor

Copyright © 2006
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Creation Date September 7, 2006
Attached to Group Lepidoptera: view page movie collection
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Insecta: view page movie collection
Title Blacklighting in Box Canyon
Description Graduate students studying systematic entomology, the study of insect diversity, accompany professor Goggy Davidowitz on a nightime field trip to collect insects using a technique called blacklighting.
Movie Type Documentary
Movie Content Specimen(s), Body Parts, Habitat, Equipment/Apparatus, People At Work
Subject blacklighting, Biodiversity, Life History, Methods, Morphology, Neurobiology
Key Words blacklighting
Technical Information 25MB MP4
Running Time 5 minutes
ID 14349
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