Recording Information for Uploading Images to the ToL Database Worksheet: Record data here for images that you will upload to the ToL Database to use in a treehouse. Categories that you must have filled out in order to upload the image to the ToL Database say (required).

Image found:


Image used for:

Image File Name

ToL Image ID Number* (you can record the ID # after you upload the image to the database)


(Required) ToL Image Use (#1,#2,#3)**Permitted by copyright owner (see below)

(Required) Copyright  Owner /Public Domain

Copyright Date

Creation Date/Time

(Note, in some cases required) Other Credits

(Required) Attached to Group(s)

(Required) Alt Text (brief description of image)

Image Type: Photograph,
Drawing/Painting, Diagram

Image Content:
-Specimen(s) (one or several organisms)/ -Body Parts/
-Ultrastructure (cells and parts of cells) / -Habitat/
Equipment/Apparatus / -People at work

(Required) Location


** View the complete ToL image use permitted by copyright owner guidelines
#1. Restricted to one-time use in specified location. Do not edit.
#2. Use anywhere on the Tree of Life. Editing/formatting permitted.
#3. Unrestricted ToL use and share with other scientific/educational projects.  Editing/formatting permitted.