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Creating Tree of Life Pages

Before You Begin...

Before authors start creating their Tree of Life pages, they should have completed the following steps:

Make sure you have registered, and that your contribution has been agreed upon by the appropriate coordinator.
Look at examples
Look over the examples, so that you can see the general style for a page.
Read the information for contributors
Read the Tree of Life Contributors pages carefully, starting from the beginning. In particular, you should pay attention to the section on Planning Your Tree of Life Pages.

If you cannot bring yourself to read all of this, please at least have a look at the QuickStart Page.

Assembling Your Tree of Life Page

Once you have made up your mind about the content of your Tree of Life page, you will have to decide what tools you want to use to create your page. Currently, there are two different options:

The following pages contain the technical information you will need for the creation of Tree of Life pages:

Preparing Manuscripts for ToL Pages
This page addresses those who will be authoring ToL pages, but who will not be composing the WWW pages themselves. We provide an address for authors to request technical help with their pages, and we give instructions on how you should prepare your text and figures so that we can easily compose them into ToL pages ready for the Web.
Using TreeGrow
TreeGrow is a desktop application that allows authors to enter information directly into the ToL Database. Tree of Life authors are encouraged to create their own ToL pages using this application. This page provides links to documentation on how to acquire TreeGrow and on how to use the software.
Scanning and Editing Slides and Photographs
This page covers how to scan images into a computer, how to edit them in preparation for a Tree of Life page, and so on.

Please note: ToL-MacClade is now obsolete, but an archived version of the ToL-MacClade documentation will remain available for a few months. ToL authors who need help converting information from ToL-MacClade files should contact for assistance.



Using TreeGrow

TreeGrow Intro

TreeGrow Quickstart

TreeGrow Tutorial

Technical Reference

TreeGrow FAQ

Download TreeGrow