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The current ToL publication system has one important constraint that ToL authors should be aware of: when you download a branch of the tree in TreeGrow and then edit pages attached to the nodes in this branch, these pages get glued together in a publication unit; i.e., all the changes you have made are published together, at the same time. For example if you downloaded the branch for a genus and then added new pages for several species, you could not publish one of the species pages without also publishing all the other species pages.

In order to get around this, we recommend the following procedure: whenever you start developing a new page, which you would like to publish independent of any other pages, the first thing you should do is to publish a placeholder page; i.e., download the branch for the containing group and add the new page to the subgroup node; then go to the Page panel for the subgroup node and type something like "Coming soon!" in the Lead Text field; then submit the branch for publication. Once the placeholder page has been published, you can download, revise, and publish the subgroup node independently.

We hope to improve the flexibility of the ToL publication system in the future. For the time being, the all or nothing rule applies to publishing branches on the ToL and ToL authors need to plan their work accordingly.

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