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Appias (Catophaga) aurosa Yata & Vane-Wright 2010

the Golden Albatross

Andrew V. Z. Brower
Containing group: Appias (Catophaga)


This species, endemic to southern and central Sulawesi, has been considered as an aberration or form of Appias zarinda since the late 1800's, but the current authors are the first to recognize its specific status and give it a name that is available under the ICZN rules. Thankfully, they have selected a name that preserves stability of the old, incorrect nomenclature. The combination of the oldest (unavailable) name is: Tachtyris nero zarinda ab. aurosa Fruhstorfer, 1899

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Yata, O., J. E. Chainey and R. I. Vane-Wright. 2010. The golden and Mariana albatrosses, new species of pierid butterflies, with a review of the subgenus Appias (Catophaga) (Lepidoptera). Systematic Entomology 35: 764-800.

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Appias (Catophaga) aurosa

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