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Euastacus hystricosus Riek 1951

Keith A. Crandall
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Containing group: Euastacus


The holotype and allotype of E. hystricosus have been lost from the Queensland Museum (fide Riek, 1969:896) and could not be found for this study. Riek (1956: 1-2; 1969:896) named lectotypes (including a "holotype", "allotype", and "paratypes") from Elaman Creek, Maleny (AM P13044). This move was invalid as lectotypes can be designated only from a series of syntypes. A single neotype may be nominated if the type series is lost but "only in exceptional circumstances where a neotype is necessary in the interests of stability of nomenclature" (International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, Art. 75a). It is here regarded that a neotype need not be designated for E. hystricosus.

Distribution and Habitat

The species inhabits streams in wet sclerophyll and rainforests at elevations above 550 m a.s.l. in the Conondale Range and Maleny areas west of Nambour, south-east Queensland. The species occurs in the Mary River system and was recently also collected from a tributary of the Brisbane River.

Conservation Status

Category: VU (Vulnerable)
Criteria: B1+2c
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Euastacus hystricosus
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Euastacus hystricosus

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