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A large diverse genus of medium-sized salticids, primarily ground-dwellers and with highly ornamented males that perform complex courtship displays.

Approximately 100 species are known, most from North America, the remainder in the neotropics.

For more information and links to the species, go to Habronattus in the Tree of Life.

References most relevant to species north of Mexico: Griswold (1987).


The elbowed tegular apophysis ("conductor") of the palp is distinctive. The third leg is much longer than the fourth, distinguishing these from other superficially similar genera such as Sitticus. The epigynum has a triangular or tubular guide.

Some example species are shown in photographs.

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Most are ground-dwelling on open ground with sparse vegetation, especially on rocks, dry leaf litter and sand. The arid southwest has many species, but Florida also has many species, and others are known above the Arctic circle and east to maritime Canada.

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