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Michael Vecchione and Richard E. Young 

Arm suckers:

SEM_photograph_of_arm_II_sucker. SEM_photograph_of_an_arm_IV_sucker.

The large suckers from arm II (above, left) and arm IV (above, right) have a similar dentition with adjacent, broad truncate teeth on the distal margin of  the inner ring that seem to fuse into a broad shelf on the proximal margin.  The outer ring is very narrow.

Tentacular club suckers:

SEM_photograph_of_a_large_dactylus_sucker. SEM_photograph_of_a_small_manus_sucker.

The large distal-manal sucker (above left) was somewhat distorted during fixation. The inner ring has 25, separate pointed teeth that are approximately the same size around the entire margin. Note the lobular inner margin of the outer ring. The proximal-manal sucker (above, right) has a toothed inner ring (largest teeth distally) and an outer ring with three concentric rings of plates bearing knobs.

The photograph on the right show the relative sizes of the suckers pictured above. Left - Arm II sucker. Left-middle - Large distal-manal sucker. Right-middle - arm IV sucker. Right - Proximal-manus sucker. SEM_photograph_comparing_sucker_sizes.


The above suckers came from a squid taken at 14°05'N, 23°12'W in a tow that fished to 1900 m depth (Station WH 494-71). The sucker dentition of all suckers is virtually the same as that of the suckers of the North Pacific specimen.


All photographs are scanning electron micrographs taken by R. Young.

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