List of Corydalus Species

Atilano Contreras-Ramos
  1. Corydalus affinis Burmeister, 1839
    = Corydalis ancilla Hagen, 1861 (nomen nudum)
    Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela.
  2. Corydalus amazonas Contreras-Ramos, 1998
  3. Corydalus armatus Hagen, 1861
    = Corydalus quadrispinosus Stitz, 1914
    Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil (?), Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela.
  4. Corydalus arpi Navás, 1936 Brazil, Venezuela.
  5. Corydalus australis Contreras-Ramos, 1998
    Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay.
  6. Corydalus batesii MacLachlan, 1868 Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela.
  7. Corydalus bidenticulatus Contreras-Ramos, 1998
    Mexico, United States.
  8. Corydalus cephalotes Rambur, 1842
    = Corydalus intricatus Navás, 1921
  9. Corydalus clauseni Contreras-Ramos, 1998
    Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador.
  10. Corydalus colombianus Contreras-Ramos, 1998
  11. Corydalus cornutus (L.), 1758
    = Corydalus cognatus Hagen, 1861
    Canada, United States.
  12. Corydalus diasi Navás, 1915
    = Corydalis armigera Hagen, 1861 (nomen nudum)
    = Corydalis vetula Hagen, 1861 (nomen nudum)
    = Corydalus finoti Navás, 1921
    Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay.
  13. Corydalus ecuadorianus Banks, 1948
  14. Corydalus flavicornis Stitz, 1914
    = Corydalus nevermanni Navás, 1934
    = Corydalus camposi Navás, 1935
    Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Peru, Venezuela.
  15. Corydalus flinti Contreras-Ramos, 1998
  16. Corydalus hecate MacLachlan, 1866
    = Corydalus raymundoi Navás, 1920
    = Corydalus sallei Navás, 1920
    Brazil, Peru, Venezuela.
  17. Corydalus holzenthali Contreras-Ramos, 1998
    Bolivia, Peru.
  18. Corydalus ignotus Contreras-Ramos, 1998
    French Guiana.
  19. Corydalus imperiosus Contreras-Ramos, 1998
  20. Corydalus longicornis Contreras-Ramos, 1998
    Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador.
  21. Corydalus luteus Hagen, 1861
    = Corydalus crassicornis MacLachlan, 1868
    = Corydalus inamabilis MacLachlan, 1868
    = Corydalus armatus laevicornis Stitz, 1914
    Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, United States.
  22. Corydalus magnus Contreras-Ramos, 1998
    Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico.
  23. Corydalus neblinensis Contreras-Ramos, 1998
  24. Corydalus nubilus Erichson, 1848
    = Corydalus titschacki Navás, 1928
    Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Venezuela.
  25. Corydalus parvus Stitz, 1914
    Ecuador, Peru.
  26. Corydalus peruvianus Davis, 1903
    = Corydalus primitivus fera Navás, 1927
    Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Venezuela.
  27. Corydalus primitivus Weele, 1909
    Argentina, Bolivia.
  28. Corydalus tesselatus Stitz, 1914
    = Corydalus bolivari Banks, 1943
  29. Corydalus texanus Banks, 1903
    = Corydalus similis Stitz, 1914
    = Corydalus constellatus Navás, 1934
    Guatemala, Mexico, United States.
  30. Corydalus tridentatus Stitz, 1914
    = Corydalus tridentatus nigripes Stitz, 1914
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