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Guess Who? An Enjoyable Guessing Game With Friendly Animals


Did you know there is more then one type of elephant, over 20 different types of frogs and even more then one type of penguin? Ever have trouble finding the difference between an aligator and a crocodile? Well this game will help you learn to identify different animals.


This is a multiple choice game. The point of the game is to match the correct multiple choice answer with the picture it goes with.

First you’ll need to get a piece of paper and something to write with. Then number your paper 1-10.

When you first see the slide there will be four answer choices. Next to the number that slide coresponds with, write down which answer you think is correct.

Then click on the screen and a wrong answer will turn red, click three times so all the wrong answers are red. Then on the fourth click the correct answer will turn green.

To go to the next slide click again.

Repeat this through all ten slides.

When you get to the end count up all the answers you got right to see how well you did!

And DON’T click ahead to see the answers and cheat, cause then you’ll never know how well you actually can do.

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People References

"This game was very excellent and educational. The way you eliminated the answers made it really nice. Seeing the pictures of the actual animals, and not just a cartoon or drawing also made it nice."        

                                         Monica, age 12

"This game was really cool, before playing it i didnt know that there was more then one type of elephant. It really taught me a lot."

                                      Rachel, age 11     



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Websites: The San Diego Zoo,, The Bronx Zoo, The San Francisco Zoo,, Animal Diversity Web-University of Michigan Museum of Zoology

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The authors give thanks to the San Diego Zoo for allowing them to use images in the power point game.

Author: knockknock2
Classroom Project: Guess the Organism
Rutgers Preparatory School
Somerset, NJ USA

License: Creative Commons Attribution License - Version 2.0

Correspondence regarding this page should be directed to , Rutgers Preparatory School

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