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Lampronia intermediella (Heinemann)

Olle Pellmyr
Containing group: Lampronia

A Phylogenetic Red Flag

The reported immature feeding habits and host of intermediella are perfectly consistent with Incurvaria biology, but do not reflect any prodoxid. Further study is required to determine whether this species belongs within Incurvaria, or if the described biology is incorrect.

Adult Characteristics

Genitalia depicted in Medvedev (1978). Wingspan 16.5 mm. Forewing shining yellowish brown, with two cream white spots on termen, including one at tornus.

Comparison with Similar Species

Said to be distinguishable from aeneella only by examination of the genitalia. In the male, cucullus is narrow and wedge-shaped (as opposed to broad and with straight, flat apex in aeneella), saccus not so long relative to vinculum, and with aedoeagal apex with numerous minute spinules.

Host, Oviposition, and Larval Feeding Habits

Said to mine Corylus as a young larva, then create a case and become vagrant on the forest floor.

Geographic Distribution

Central and southwestern Europe.


Not available to me.


Holotype in ?


Eckstein, K. 1933. Die Schmetterlinge Deutschlands, vol. 5. Lutz Verlag, Stuttgart.

Medvedev, G.S. 1978. Keys to the insects of the European part of the USSR. Nauka Publ., Leningrad.

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Lampronia intermediella

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