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Lampronia provectella (Heyden)

Olle Pellmyr
Containing group: Lampronia

Adult Characteristics

Depicted in Razowski (1978). Wingspan 16-19 mm. Forewing grayish brown with fuscous sheen yellow, with prominent light tornal spot. Hindwings somewhat lighter than forewing, gray.

Comparison with Similar Species

None reported.

Host, Oviposition, and Larval Feeding Habits

Larva feeds on buds of Rosa, particularly R. pendulina, evidently as late-instar larvae in the spring. Pupation takes place "between shoots", and the adult ecloses within a week, usually in May or June, according to Huemer.

Geographic Distribution

Central Europe and Russia east to the Altai Mountains.


Found on freestanding roses by Huemer.


Holotype in ?


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Lampronia provectella

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