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Preview How to Register a Classroom Project

This page is only a preview of the form for registering a class project.

ToL contributors can register a class project to allow their students to complete individual, group and whole class projects. Teachers can register students of any age. Students do not need to have email addresses to register and will log-in with pseudonyms. However, when teachers view student projects in the Classroom Project Manager they will be able to see student names next to their pseudonyms.

  • Register a classroom project
    • Teachers who are registered ToL contributors must first log-in as a treehouse builder and choose the link to "Register a Classroom Project" from the Treehouse Manager. If you are not already registered as a ToL contributor you will first need to register as a treehouse builder before you can create classroom projects.
  • The Classroom Project Manager
    • Once you have registered class projects you can access them via the link in the Treehouse Manager for the Classroom Project Manager. The classroom project manager will list the projects that you have registered and display the project ID# next to a summary description. In the Classroom Project Manager you can choose to view and edit students' treehouses. In addition, you can add students to existing projects and give others, such as a teaching assistant, permission to view and edit the treehouse pages that are part of a project.

Classroom Registration Preview

This preview presents a replica of the form for registering class projects and includes some additional information and instructions.

Teacher Information

Here you will need to add your Institution/School and Location if you did not add this information when you registered initially.

Classroom Project Information


  • Required fields
    • Fill out the required field in red in the box below to register a classroom project. Return to this form to register as many projects as you would like. You can register a classroom project for each class period you have, or you can register group projects within your classes. Do whatever makes managing your classroom projects fit your needs.
  • Create a student pseudonym
    • Student pseudonyms function as the User ID that students will use to login and contribute treehouses.
    • Student pseudonyms will be printed on any treehouse or media contributed by the student.
    • Please see the guidelines for creating pseudonyms before you create one.
    • The pseudonym that you choose will be used for each student in the project, plus a number assigned according to the number of students in the group. For example, if you choose the pseudonym "zebra" and indicate there are 5 people in the project, then the pseudonyms that are generated for login IDs will be zebra1 through zebra5. You will initially need to assign the students their pseudonyms from the list generated and keep a record of students' names and the pseudonyms they have been assigned. Note that after students login for the first time you will be able to see students' real names alongside their pseudonyms in the Classroom Project Manager .
  • Create a project password
    • You have the choice to either create and assign projects the same password, or to let students choose their own password when they login for the first time. Passwords will be used for logging in.

Description of Project

Project Title

You will add a project title here

Class Period / Group Here you will add optional information about the class period or group.


Here you will write a brief description of what your classroom project is about, or what each group project in your class is about.

Student pseudonym

Here you will create a pseudonym for students to use as the User ID when they log-in.

  • *Guidelines:
    • A pseudonym cannot have a number for its final character (e.g. don't enter starfish2, do enter 2starfish).
    • We suggest that you use an organism name, and that you use all lower case characters.
    • Pseudonyms should not be recognizable names, like "susie".
Create pseudonyms for __ students. Here you will indicate the number of students
*You will be able to add additional students but you cannot reduce the number of pseudonyms created.

Student password.

Student Information

The students in my classroom are under 13 years of age. My students will register as treehouse builders for the classroom project with pseudonyms. Please note that even if you have a mixed age classroom, with only some students who are under 13, you must check this option.

When students are under 13 you must receive written parental consent in order for students' names and contact information to be printed on the ToL.

The students in my classroom are 13 years of age and over. My students will register as treehouse builders for the classroom project with pseudonyms.

When students are 13 and over you can allow the students to print their names and contact information on their work if your school district or organization's policy allows for such personal information to be printed, even if you do not obtain parental consent (though we recommend that you do).

*Please note that unless a child is 18 years or older, they cannot have self-identifying images of themselves published on the Tree of Life without written parental consent.

My students are 18 years of age and over.

For students who are 18 years of age and over there are no restrictions on printing a student's name, contact information and self identifying photographs as long as the student wishes to have this personal information posted. Therefore, if students are 18 years of age and over, and you, as well as your students would like their names to appear on their work, please let us know and we will accommodate this request. If students are 18 and over you can also allow them to register on their own, and if you would like to have access to editing their work online, they can add you as an author.

I have read the above and take responsibility for ensuring that students do not upload information and media to the ToL database that would compromise their privacy.
Submit (the submit button is not active in this preview)

After you submit a classroom project, it will need to be approved before your students can register. As soon as your project has been approved you will receive a message saying that your project has been activated. This message will contain the ID# of the project. Registered class projects are accessible via the link in the Treehouse Manager for the Classroom Project Manager (only accessible when you are logged in.

Instructions for Student Registration and How to Begin Building

To get started building:

Contributor Information Printed on Student Class Project Pages

Unless you receive verification of consent in writing from parents, for students under 13 the information printed on a treehouse page will display:

  • the student's pseudonym
  • the name of the class project
  • the name of the school
  • the school location (if teacher agrees to print it)
  • the teacher's name and email address (if allowed to print) or profile.

For students who are 13 and over, and 18 and over, if you (the teacher) request that they have their names displayed, we can do so. Otherwise the information that is displayed is the same as for students who are under 13 years of age. Only students who are 18 and over can print their contact information (e.g. email addresses, etc.) and self-identifying photos on the ToL without written and verifiable parental consent. Please contact with any questions you may have.

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