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Start Class Treehouse Building Projects:

How to Register and Manage Student Treehouse Projects

System Requirements for Building Treehouses

Your computer needs to have cookies and java script turned on in order for you to login and contribute treehouses and media.

  1. Register a Classroom Project
  2. Create Student Pseudonyms (Login Names) and Passwords
  3. Review Student Login Procedure
  4. Review Building Basics
  5. Review Copyright Rules with Students
  6. Edit and View Student Treehouses / Manage Projects
  7. Review Student Treehouses Before Publication
  8. Classroom Treehouse Portfolio
  9. Close Student Projects When Complete

*Note that the links on this page will open in a new window.

  1. Register a Classroom Project
  2. Student Pseudonyms (Login Names) and Passwords - protect student privacy Read more about student privacy below
    • Pseudonyms
    • Password options
    • 1) Students create their own passwords
      • Recommend that students choose a password that is secure but easy to remember. After students create their password when they login for the first time they should give their teacher a copy of their user ID and password. Soon we will list student passwords next to their project pseudonyms. For now, if a student loses their password, and you do not have a record of that password they should attempt to login, and then click the link that asks them if they would like another password sent to them. This new password will be sent to the teacher's email address.
    • 2) Teacher creates project password
      • Create the password and give it to students when pseudonyms are assigned. If you are registering several small groups, it may be advantageous to create passwords for these groups so that you can easily keep track of them.
  3. Student Login
    • The first time a student logs in serves as their registration.
    • When students are ready to login, guide them to the Treehouse Builders Login Page and ask them to click the link for Login Help for Classroom Builders so they can view instructions. The initial login will differ depending on whether the student will create their own password or if their password was assigned to them.
      • You can reach the login page from: the treehouse page, the learning pages, the contribute page, and under the right sidebar's building treehouses menu.
  4. Review Treehouse Editor Basics, Lessons and Building Assistance
  5. Review Copyright Rules with Students
    • It's very important that you review copyright rules with students so that students understand what image and media files they can use in their pages. Reviewing copyright rules from the beginning will help save students (as well as teachers and editors) from the frustration of having to remove media files from treehouse pages and the ToL database that ToL contributors are not authorized to use. Students and teachers will need to check and verify that copyright rules are being followed before the page is published on the ToL. Have students take the copyright quiz before they submit their treehouses for publication.
  6. Edit and View Students' Treehouses / Manage Class Projects
    • Teachers
      1. To view, edit and add comments to students' treehouses, first login and then click the link for the Classroom Project Manager (login required).
      2. From the Classroom Project Manager, go to the section on the page called "Manage and Edit Classroom Projects and Treehouses" where you will see a list of student projects. To get to a classroom project's page where you can access individual student treehouses, click the link that says "manage project, edit/add comments to student treehouses" located next to the name of a class project.
      3. When you arrive at the classroom project page, students' treehouses will be listed and students' names will be displayed next to their pseudonyms. From here you can click to edit, preview, view the page history, and add comments to the students' treehouses. From each individual classroom project's page you can also add other ToL contributors as classroom project editors (for example a teaching assistant) and add additional students to a project.
    • Students
      1. For students to edit pages they first need to login and then find and select the page they would like to edit. Students should see How to Begin as well as the other links listed in step #4 of this page Review Treehouse Editor Basics, Lessons and Building Assistance
      2. Students can view comments about their page as well as add comments for their teacher and ToL editors by:
        • searching for a page to edit and then selecting the link for "comments/questions page history"
        • editing a page and going to the editing step for adding notes and comments (Step #7 for most treehouses).
      3. From Editing Step 1. About this Page, students can add other members of their group as authors of their page, which enables other group members to access and edit their page.
      4. Students (or teachers) can see all of the media that they have uploaded by visiting the media contributor page and locating their pseudonym.
      5. *Please Note: Soon we will have a system where more than one person cannot access a treehouse to edit it at the same time. For now It is important that students and teachers do not work on the same treehouse page at the same time because their work will be overwritten or lost. When several students work together it may be better to have each student in the group create their own treehouse page and then combine their treehouse pages later when they are ready to publish their work. If teachers want to edit student pages they should notify students that they will do so in advance.
  7. Review Student Treehouses Before Publication
    • When students complete their treehouses, they will send them to you for review. You will receive an email notifying you that a student has submitted a treehouse for you to review. To review submitted treehouses, login and click the link to review submitted student treehouses (accessible from the Treehouse Manager or the Classroom Manager)
    • Please review student treehouses to make sure they meet the basic ToL requirements for publication before you submit them to the ToL learning materials editor. The emphasis should be on reviewing treehouses for personal information that should not be printed, making sure that the students followed copyright rules, and that pages follow the basic treehouse guidelines (see also Treehouse Page Design and Content).
    • If the student's treehouse needs more work (e.g. there are rampant spelling and grammar errors, missing copyright information, a lack of basic content) please return it to the student to revise. However, we can handle formatting changes (such as text color), so this should not be a big concern.
    • When you choose to submit the student's treehouse to the ToL or return it to the student to revise, you can add comments for the student that will then be inserted into the Page Communication and History section of the treehouse editor (in most treehouses, Step #7) so that there is a record of the communication about a page (as well as its publication history).
  8. Optional: Create a Classroom Project Portfolio
    • When the treehouse contributor pages "go live" all of a teacher's classroom projects will be listed on their contributor page. In addition, teachers can easily create a portfolio of student projects in order to showcase projects in a central location, or the ToL can create one for you (view example portfolio)
  9. Please Close a Classroom Project When it is Complete
    • When a project is complete we would appreciate if you would close the classroom project so that students can no longer access the system to edit treehouses or upload media. We do not currently have open registration for students under 18 years of age and the terms of the students' registration are dependent upon the classroom project arrangement, which stipulates that the teacher is overseeing the students' contributions. Teachers can still access and edit student treehouses once the project has been closed. *Note that due to the way our database works, entire projects cannot be deleted, however individual treehouses can be deleted.

Protect Student Privacy

Student Pseudonyms

We use pseudonyms for students in order to protect their privacy. A student's pseudonym is posted on materials contributed by the student.

*Guidelines for Pseudonyms:

  • Pseudonyms should not be recognizable names, like "susie".
  • A pseudonym cannot have a number for its final character (e.g. don't enter starfish2, do enter 2starfish).
  • We suggest that you use an organism name, and that you use all lower case characters.

When a classroom project is created, the teacher chooses a pseudonym to be used by students for a Login ID and for display on the students' treehouses. *Note that in the Classroom Project Manager teachers will be able to see students' real names alongside their pseudonyms, but student names will not be revealed in any other context without written consent from the parent/guardian and permission from the school and school district.

Permission to Post Names/Photos

If teachers would like to allow students to post either their names or self-identifying images they first need to:

  • Consult with their school and school district to find out school and district policies. Many schools and districts have a no photo policy for personally identifiable images of minors.
  • Obtain written permission from the parent or guardian that the student is allowed to post their name or photo.

Soon we will have a system in place within the Classroom Manager for teachers to indicate students for whom their parents/guardians have granted them permission for posting their full names or self identifying photos.

Review Treehouses for Student Personal Information
  • To protect student privacy in accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) we do not allow student personal information to be posted on the ToL without parent/guardian permission. We request that you check for the presence of information that would personally identify the students, and that you remove any such information before student treehouses are submitted for publication to the Learning Materials Editor. Submitting students' treehouses for publication on the ToL verifies that you (the teacher) have completed the task of checking for and deleting student personal information. We appreciate your help with this matter.
  • Student personal information is defined as first and last names, email address, a home or physical address, a telephone number, institution or affiliation. Classroom projects print teacher name, email and institution but no personal information about students (other than the institution). Students can post names and photos that constitute personal information only if the teacher has parent/guardian permission in writing, and the school/school district allows such information to be posted.

Building Treehouses

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