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Treehouse Portfolios

Marine Discovery: Exploring Marine Life
© Marine Discovery
Watch a slide show of marine life in México and movies of students in the lab. Includes a teacher's guide and plentiful information on marine organisms. Aligned with AZ Standards. All grade/age levels.
Havergal College Student Treehouses

© Ostrich1
Grade 11 Biology students at Havergal College, a secondary school for girls in Ontario, Canada, have created a wide variety of treehouses on organisms such as watermelon snow, black mambas, clownfish, ostriches, pacific treefrogs and more! We highly recommend checking out these fun, creative and educational story, game, art and culture and investigation treehouses. Havergal students are among the first to create treehouses on the Tree of Life and we applaud their efforts.
City High School Ecobottle Investigations

© 2005 Kathryn Orzech
City High School 9th graders in Tucson, Arizona built ecobottles to explore ecosystems on a small scale. The class agreed that they learned a lot in the process of creating "mini-worlds" and observing their development over the course of two months. The students' documentation of their work was an important part of the project, and provided the basis for the treehouse investigations that are part of this portfolio.
Rutgers Preparatory Student Treehouses
Rutgers Preparatory School is a coeducational independent school founded in 1766 and located in central New Jersey. The upper School has 325 students, all of whom take a biology course in their sophomore year. Biology begins with biodiversity, including an emphasis on evolutionary relationships and phylogenetics. As part of this unit, students write a creative short story or game from an organismís viewpoint. Creating treehouses on the Tree of Life gave students a unique opportunity to publish their work for a larger audience.
Sonoran Desert Organism Investigations
© 2005 butterfly1
Students at Catalina Foothills High School in Tucson, AZ created these treehouses as part of a three-part ecosystems unit called: Studying Sonoran Desert Organisms in Freshman (High School) Honors Biology. These treehouses feature close-up pictures of bobcats in backyards, and information about how students are helping to eradicate invasive species.

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