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eatoni (Lyssomanes)
eburnensis (Menemerus)
ectypus (Amycus)
edentula (Myrmarachne)
edentulus (Heliophanus)
edrilana * (Pelegrina)
edwardsi (Synemosyna)
effeminatus (Amycus)
efferatus (Eustiromastix)
egaenus (Hasarius)
eidmanni (Myrmarachne)
elaphus (Plexippus)
elata (Fluda)
elata (Marpissa)
electa (Corythalia)
electa (Pensacola)
electrica (Myrmarachne)
electus (Cobanus)
electus (Zygoballus)
elegans * (Habronattus agilis group)
elegans (Lyssomanes)
elegans (Phiale)
elegans * (Tutelina)
elegantissima (Corythalia)
elisabethae (Hasarius)
ellamae (Neon)
elmenteitae (Pseudicius)
elongata (Euophrys)
elongata (Marpissa)
elongata (Myrmarachne)
elongatus (Lyssomanes)
emarginata (Freya)
Emathis (Euophryinae)
emertoni (Corythalia)
emmiltus * (Metaphidippus)
encantadas (Habronattus coecatus group)
encarpatus (Pseudicius)
encifer (Heliophanus)
Encolpius * (Amycinae)
endigma (Corythalia)
Eolinus (Spartaeinae)
epiblemmoides (Pseudicius)
epularis (Pellenes)
equester (Heliophanus)
equulus (Amycus)
Ergane (Euophryinae)
eriki (Evarcha)
Eris * (Dendryphantinae)
erratica (Euophrys)
erraticus (Icius)
erythraeus (Acragas)
erythrocephala (Myrmarachne)
erythrocras (Cobanus)
erythropleurus (Heliophanus)
espereyi (Pseudicius)
estebanensis (Hypaeus)
eucharis (Heliophanus)
euchira (Chirothecia)
eugenei (Myrmarachne)
eumenes (Myrmarachne)
Euophryinae * (Salticidae)
Euophrys * (Euophryinae)
euoplus (Psecas)
Euryattus (Euophryinae)
Eustirognathus (Euophryinae)
Eustiromastix * (Miscellaneous salticids with a fixed embolus)
evae (Euophrys)
Evarcha * (Plexippinae)
everestensis (Euophrys)
evidens (Myrmarachne)
exasperans (Myrmarachne)
excavata (Corythalia)
exculta (Freya)
exigua * (Pelegrina)
exiguus (Sitticus)
exilis (Salticus)
exilis (Sarinda)
eximius (Icius)
expansa (Maevia)
exstensus (Cobanus)
extinctus (Heliophanus)
exultans (Myrmarachne)

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