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uber (Sitticus)
ubicki (Synemosyna)
Udvardya (Euophryinae)
uelensis (Myrmarachne)
Uluella (Dendryphantinae)
uncata (Chirothecia)
uncatus (Noegus)
unciger (Salticus)
uncinatus (Heliophanus)
undatus * (Platycryptus)
undecimmaculatus (Heliophanus)
unica (Sidusa)
unicolor (Cobanus)
unicolor (Lyssomanes)
unicolor (Plexippus)
unicolor (Salticus)
unicus (Pseudicius)
unicus (Terralonus)
Unidentified dendryphantinaes * (Dendryphantinae)
Unidentified euophryines * (Euophryinae)
Unidentified Hyetussinae * (Hyetussinae)
unipunctus (Pellenes)
uniseriata (Myrmarachne)
unispina (Salticus)
univittatus (Pellenes)
uphami (Sitticus)
uralensis (Euophrys)
ursina (Corythalia)
urvillei (Trite)
ussuricus (Heliophanus)
usta (Fluda)
ustulatus * (Habronattus)
utingae (Sarinda)
uvira (Myrmarachne)
uvirensis (Heliophanus)

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